At Home Salad Bar

Hi Everyone! Are you ever struggling with how to keep your lunches fast, easy and healthy? Whether you are working or stay at home, we all have very busy days and it’s hard to keep our healthy diet on track. I’m a stay at home mom. Most of my days consist of errands, chores and driving my two kids to and from school and activities. I usually grab fast food or definitely make very unhealthy choices once I get home. I really needed to get creative! I wanted filling and flavorful options with lots of veggies! I try to avoid gluten and dairy, so most of my recipes don’t have bread or cheese.

In the past, I have tried other weekly lunch prep ideas and they didn’t entirely work for me. I tried preparing my lunches in individual plastic containers but I didn’t like having my ingredients mixed together. I’m not really a fan of mason jar salads because its hard to eat out of the jar; while you can put pour the salad out onto a plate, it’s an extra step that I don’t like. So, I created this awesome idea of an At Home Salad Bar! You can cut and prep ahead of time, it’s personalized daily and whether you stay at home or work you can have fresh salads everyday on a plate or put it in a container to take out with you.

These are the ingredients for my Mediterranean Salad:

1-2 containers of Baby Spinach

1 container of whole Cherry Tomatoes

1 can Garbanzo Beans

1 jar whole Kalamata Olives

3 cucumbers, diced

1-2 containers of crumbled Feta Cheese

Tzatziki Sauce


I had bought this veggie try from Pampered Chef a long time ago but here are some links to containers that will also work.

Rubbermade Veggie Tray

Pampered Chef Veggie Tray

Bed, Bath and Beyond Tray

E Party Platter


I hope this method works for you as much as it has worked for me! Look at how delicious this looks! Yum yum!

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