Hi Everyone! It feels so good to start this blog! I hope, through the years, that I can share my enthusiasm for organizing and finding new and creative ways to make our busy lives easier!

….Which leads me to my Very First Blog Post! Yay!

At Home Salad Bar


I  have found that lunch time is a difficult part of my days. I drop off the kids at school, usually go to the gym, run errands. I only have a pocket of time to do these things before I become overwhelmingly hungry for lunch; which will usually end in my reluctance to grab fast food ,aka, Chick Fil A…And while I’m a sucker for the Chick Fil A sauce, it is not  a healthy lunch choice everyday. If I wait to eat when I get home, I am not going to make a healthy choices either. I’ll admit that sometimes it’s just a can of chili. Get that food in my tummy! I absolutely am not in the right state of mind to start chopping up clean healthy veggies, a deliciously seasoned meat or beans and a homemade vinegarette. Which is what I picture myself eating. Truthfully, I really do want to have a nice clean lunch that is very flavorful. This is my dream but it is just so darn hard!

So, many bloggers have come up with some wonderful ideas on how to solve the lunch dilemma. A lot of smart ladies and while some of these solutions help many, I found something that works for me and hopefully it will be helpful for you too! Whether you’re working or staying at home; we all want a fun, healthy meal that will fill our bellies. I want to bring excitement back into lunch! And if this is my only contribution to life I’ll take it.

Here’s my solution! An At Home Salad Bar! Doesn’t that look amazing?! This first one is a Mediterrian Salad with a delicious thaziki dressing! I absolutely loved eating this salad everyday because it’s so flavorful and filling.